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VPN on Ubuntu

This documentation is based on use of Ubuntu 18.10 and the default Firefox web browser. It is also validated with Ubuntu 20.10 LTS. The views may differ when using other versions and there has been report of problems while using Google Chrome web browser. As part of the IT-department work to improve both user experience […]

Home Office – Linux

What is special about Linux? Linux, traditionally, has had worse support for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) than Windows and OS X/macOS due to a smaller user base, less interest from Microsoft to ensure support and alternative protocols for connecting to Linux-environments. What is special about portal.nmbu.no and the RDP-files found there? Portal.nmbu.no uses Remote […]

Print to PullPrint from Linux and Mac

This tutorial describes how to print to PullPrint on a Linux or Mac. First you need the correct printerdriver on Your machine. If you allready have the right driver installed you can continue to “Open the site” Activate CUPS via Terminal: Open the Terminal application. If you are on a Mac you write ‘cupsctl WebInterface=yes’ and […]

Eduroam Ubuntu

This guide is for the wireless network eduroam on Campus. It is recommended to use the automatic setup for Eduroam in order to get the most stabile Connection. Automatic set up for Linux. 1. Go to cat.eduroam.org 2. Download and run the eduroam-installer Remember: The full user name for NMBU eduroam is «username@nmbu.no». Manual settings […]