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The Students Computer Service

What is the Computer Service? The Computer Service is here to help you as a student. Our goal is to help you with computer related questions associated with your studies here at NMBU. We will help you install software for use in the studies, antivirus, get you connected to your home area, sync e-mail etc. […]

Digital student verification

You may download the student verification app “studentbevis” here: App store (IOS) Google Play (Android) The app is not available for windows this year.           Log on with username and password Student verificaton not valid   Student verification valid   To validate your student ID app, you must pay the semester fee […]

VPN for students

Students from NMBU get access to study related scientific articles through the wireless network at campus and through the network on SIÅs studentapartments (like Google Scholar). If you are sitting outside of campus you can still have access to the resources through a VPN connection. Read more about the resources on this page: University library The […]

Wired Eduroam

In the offices and in the study rooms on Campus, one is able to connect to the internett using a cable. In order to do this, you need to set up authentication through Eduroam. First of all, right-click on the network icon, bottom right and choose “Network and Sharing Center” Then click «Change adapter settings» Right-click […]

How to register a computer with Windows 8.1 at SiÅs appartment

To get internet at your SiÅs flat you will have to register your computer at: https://egeit.umb.no/studby/ Follow the instructions at the registration. Fill inn your mac address when you get to this point. If you do not know how to find your mac address, you can follow the guide below. How to find mac address […]