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MATLAB for students

This is a guide for students who want to install Matlab on a personal computer. You do not need special permisson from your teacher to install the program, but you have to register with a NMBU email. The installation file you download yourself from Matlabs homepage when you register as a user. STEP 1: Make […]

Autodesk Student License

Students at NMBU can register on Autodesks website to get access to software as for example student versions of Autocad, Civil3D etc. The student license will give you access to thes programs for 3 year. 1. Go to this site to make and associate a student account: http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/all 2. Click on one of the programs […]

Add student mail to Gmail

You can add your NMBU mail to Gmail if you are a student. Here is how: 1. Push the cogwheel and choose “Settings”, then “Accounts and Import” then “Add a POP3 mail account you own” 2. Enter your username@nmbu.no then hit “Next Step” 3. Enter the information as in the picture below. Password is your […]

The Students Computer Service

What is the Computer Service? The Computer Service is here to help you as a student. Our goal is to help you with computer related questions associated with your studies here at NMBU. We will help you install software for use in the studies, antivirus, get you connected to your home area, sync e-mail etc. […]

Digital student verification

You may download the student verification app “studentbevis” here: App store (IOS) Google Play (Android) The app is not available for windows this year.           Log on with username and password Student verificaton not valid   Student verification valid   To validate your student ID app, you must pay the semester fee […]