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E-mail Employee

You have got a new e-mail account! firstname.lastname@nmbu.no From the first of January 2014, this is your main e-mail account. You will no longer be able to send e-mails from your UMB/NVH account. E-mails that is sent to your UMB/NVH account, will be redirected to your new NMBU account. You will NOT lose your access […]

Read NMBU-email with webmail

You can check your NMBU-email through webmail. Webmail is available via https://epost.nmbu.no/owa/ via https://office.com via https://portal.nmbu.no Access to Wemail requires secure logon to be activated. Log on with your NMBU-username and your password. Type the One-time code from SMS or App You now have access your NMBU-email and your NMBU-calendar.