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Email in Outlook app

The Outlook app from Microsoft is recommended for reading emails on Android and iOS. Employees must first set up two-factor authentication as described here: Configuring of two-factor authentication. The “Microsoft Authenticator” app must be downloaded from the PlayStore / Appstore and installed on your mobile device. Get started with Outlook for iOS and Android If […]

Absence notice

If the main switch board at NMBU is informed about your absence we can help those calling for you, i.e. by letting them know when you are back. In order to import absence from your Outlook calendar to the switch board you must use the correct absence codes. The codes are: MØT: Meeting UND: Teaching TJE: Service mission […]

Spam in Outlook

As emails come in, our spam-filter will determine whether the email is legitimate or not. All messages marked as spam will appear in your Junk Email folder with title “SPAM DETECTED». Junk settings Right-clicking on any message allow you to decide which messages are junk. Block Sender This will block the email address and move […]

Room booking for others

To be able to book room for students or other people without using your own user, you have to add the calendar-profile “Room Booking” in Outlook. To get permission to do that, mail it@nmbu.no. Then follow the steps below. 1. Open Outlook and choose Calendar, bottom left corner. Rightclick “Other Calendars”, choose “Add Calendar”, then […]

Login outlook remoteoffice

We have received some feedback that some have login problems in Remote Office. We work diligently to find the cause. Some of these cases have been resolved by deleting the Outlook profile in Remote Office. To make this as simple as possible, we have created a script that will do this for you. Proceed as […]

Set default proofing language in Outlook 2010

If you experience that the spell checker in Outlook uses wrong language, you can fix this by either changing the language, or simply turn off the running spell check: 1. Change spell check language Open the File menu and select “Options”: Choose «Language» in the Options dialog box: Find the «Choose Editing Languages» section and […]