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Outlook 2010

Set default proofing language in Outlook 2010

If you experience that the spell checker in Outlook uses wrong language, you can fix this by either changing the language, or simply turn off the running spell check: 1. Change spell check language Open the File menu and select “Options”: Choose «Language» in the Options dialog box: Find the «Choose Editing Languages» section and […]

Remove logon dialog every time you open Outlook

Do you get a logon dialog box each time you open Outlook after you added your NMBU-mail account? Close Outlook. Go to “Control Panel” – “User Accounts” – “Credential Manager” Select “Add a Windows credential” (middle of the page) and fill in the information below: When you have completed the form, it should look like […]

Move and backup email

Follow this guide to copy e-mails from the UMB-account in Outlook. If you haven’t already imported the UMB emails into Outlook, you have to do it first. You can copy folders and individual e-mails. Alternative 1: Copy folders 1. Right-click on your NMBU accout name and choose New Folder. Give the folder a name different from the […]