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Mail OSX

  This documentation is written for Mac OS X version 10.10 and newer macOS versions.   Open the “Mail” application on your mac and add the account as shown in the image below. Select “Exchange” as the server. Select “Sign in“ Then fill in your information.The test user has the email address: gloria.hippo@nmbu.no This must […]

Mail OSX

In the menu open Mail and select Add Account.. Select Exchange and Contiune. Now fill in your full name in the Name field, your username@nmbu.no in the email address field, nmbu-password in the password field ( this is the zone1 from umb ) and Continue Verify that your information is correct, and Continue. Now mark Mail, you can also add other services like […]

Eduroam OSX

It is recommended to use the automatic setup for Eduroam in order to get the most stable connection. If you experience being connected automatically to nmbu-guest, please have a look below. Automatic set up for OSX. 1. Go to cat.eduroam.org 2. Download and run the eduroam-installer Remember: The full user name for NMBU eduroam is […]