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VPN on iPad/ iPhone

This documentation is written for iOS 13.3 and this functionality may look different in other iOS versions. The new VPN solution requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus. 1: Install the “F5 Access” app from App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/f5-access/id1354638393  2: Select “Configure server” on the picture that appears the first time […]

Mail iOS

To set up email on the iOS mail app, go to Settings -> Passwords and Accounts -> Add new account. NB Note that iOS on the device must be updated to the latest in order for it to be compatible with the NMBU email service. Select “Microsoft Exchange” at the first image. Then fill in […]

Mail iOS

Go to Settings  Then navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and select Add Account Now select Exchange In the email field fill in your username@nmbu.no and in the password field fill in your nmbu-password . Now make sure Mail is checked, you can also select Contacts and Calendar. Select Save and you’re done. If you are prompted for server and domain. Server: epost.nmbu.no Domain: nmbu

Eduroam iOS

Automatic setup for iOS. 1. Go to cat.eduroam.org 2. Download and run the eduroam-installer Remember that the domain must be included with the username, i.e. username@nmbu.no, to sign in.   Manual setup for iOS(Is not recommended). Open Settings and select Wi-Fi. If you have an old eduroam profile this must be deleted first. Click Forget this Network   […]