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VPN on iPad/ iPhone

This documentation is written for iOS 13.3 and this functionality may look different in other iOS versions. The new VPN solution requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus. 1: Install the “F5 Access” app from App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/f5-access/id1354638393  2: Select “Configure server” on the picture that appears the first time […]

Mail iOS

Go to Settings  Then navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and select Add Account Now select Exchange In the email field fill in your username@nmbu.no and in the password field fill in your nmbu-password . Now make sure Mail is checked, you can also select Contacts and Calendar. Select Save and you’re done. If you are prompted for server and domain. Server: epost.nmbu.no Domain: nmbu

Eduroam iOS

Automatic setup for iOS. 1. Go to cat.eduroam.org 2. Download and run the eduroam-installer Remember that the domain must be included with the username, i.e. username@nmbu.no, to sign in.   Manual setup for iOS(Is not recommended). Open Settings and select Wi-Fi. If you have an old eduroam profile this must be deleted first. Click Forget this Network   […]