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Urkund – plagiarism tool

NMBU has an agreement with Urkund for checking students papers for plagiarism. Urkund might be used in 3 different settings: Through the learning management system Canvas Through the system for digital exam Wiseflow Upload files direct to Urkund (choose NMBU from the right dropdown menu): https://secure.urkund.com/account/en-US/auth/login User manuals for Urkund in Canvas: urkund-canvas-manual-1-setting-up-assignment-v1-0-0 urkund-canvas-manual-2-viewing-results-teacher-v1-0-0 urkund-canvas-manual-3-student-submission-and-results-v1-0-0

Skype for Business (S4B) – Forward to Trio

To have S4B forward calls to Trio when you are on vaction etc. you have to add the number manually. 1. Open S4B. Click the Settings Wheel, then “Tools” then “Call Forwarding Settings”. 2. Click “(No voice mail. Calls will continuously ring for 20 seconds.)” 3. In the top field choose “New Number or Contact”. […]

Folder Redirection

What is “Folder Redirection”? “Folder Redirection” is a function in Windows that automatically synchronize your data to your homearea (Z:). This ensures a backup of your data, protection from dataloss in cases of theft, faulty disk(s) etc. If you have more than one computer, files will be synchronized in the background. Please note that “Folder […]

Edit Employee profile

How to edit your profile page (kindly translated by Lena Margrethe Bakke): 1. Search for you name on nmbu.no (choose employees) and open your own profile page. The green field on top is the “business card” part and is automatically updated from Paga. Most employees will have to upload the profile photo yourself; otherwise, the […]

Local license ArcGIS

In order to use ArcGIS offline it is necessary to add a license locally to the computer. With the new version of ArcGIS license administrator on the license-server, you may now “borrow” a license for the days you need it (maximum 365 days).  Please note that the license is annual and renewed in january. The […]

Skype for Business (S4B) on Android

Find and install Skype for Business on Play Store. Then open it. To log into Skype for Business, type in your information like in the picture below firstname.lastname@nmbu.no, your password. Choose “Show Advanced Options” and type nmbu\username under “User Name”, then “Sign In”. Then enter your devices phonenumber, then “Continue”. Set “Sync Contacts” to “On”, then continue. Next you will see the Start screen for Skype for Business, […]