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Mail OSX

  This documentation is written for Mac OS X version 10.10 and newer macOS versions.   Open the “Mail” application on your mac and add the account as shown in the image below. Select “Exchange” as the server. Select “Sign in“ Then fill in your information.The test user has the email address: gloria.hippo@nmbu.no This must […]

Email Android

For the best possible performance of the upgraded email solution, it is recommended to use the Microsoft Outlook app from Play Store. In the Outlook app you also have the option to add accounts from other servers (Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, etc.). The upgraded email solution requires 2 factor authentication, instructions on how to set this […]

Webmail – Office365

NB! You must set a password for your NMBU account before you can read e-mail! To read e-mail go to this address: https://outlook.office.com Then fill in your information. The test user has the email address: gloria.hippo@nmbu.no This must be replaced with your email address: firstname.lastname@nmbu.no (possibly middle name) … and enter your password. You now […]

Spam in Outlook

As emails come in, our spam-filter will determine whether the email is legitimate or not. All messages marked as spam will appear in your Junk Email folder with title “SPAM DETECTED». Junk settings Right-clicking on any message allow you to decide which messages are junk. Block Sender This will block the email address and move […]