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NMBU platform and news

Things to do before implementing the NMBU platform on your computer: Link to download survey form 1) Software Most applications and software in NMBU are installed the “Application Catalog”. In short, Application Catalog is a program that lets you install preapproved software to your NMBU computer all by yourself. To make the software appear in the […]

About new and old passwords when moving to NMBU

Passwords at NMBU All employees and students get new accounts on IT systems at NMBU. As a general principle, you will only have one password for all systems. There may still be some exceptions for a transitional period. To use NMBU systems must be set passwords for your NMBU account. About old and new passwords […]

Privacy statement (Use of personal information)

Personal information about employees and students are stored in registers and programs that are necessary for administering and teaching. NMBU has legal authority stated in Norwegian law “personopplysningsloven” to obtain, store and use this information for education purposes.     The following registers are in use: LDAP catalog (used for authentication) AD (Microsoft Active Directory) FS […]

Password at NMBU

OBS: New password-requirements from the 26.10.2020. See details below. A password protects your personal information and identity from misuse. Therefore, you must not share it with anyone. The IT department will never ask you for your password, we have the necessary tools to perform our work without asking for your password. Never share your password […]