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Email Android

For the best possible performance of the upgraded email solution, it is recommended to use the Microsoft Outlook app from Play Store. In the Outlook app you also have the option to add accounts from other servers (Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, etc.). The upgraded email solution requires 2 factor authentication, instructions on how to set this […]

Email in Outlook app

The Outlook app from Microsoft is recommended for reading emails on Android and iOS. Employees must first set up two-factor authentication as described here: Configuring of two-factor authentication. The “Microsoft Authenticator” app must be downloaded from the PlayStore / Appstore and installed on your mobile device. Get started with Outlook for iOS and Android If […]

VPN for Android

This documentation is written for english Android 8.1.0 and this functionality may look different in other Android versions. The new VPN solution requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus. 1: Install the “F5 Access” app from Google Play:  2: Click “Configure server” on the window that appears the first time you […]

Skype for Business (S4B) on Android

Find and install Skype for Business on Play Store. Then open it. To log into Skype for Business, type in your information like in the picture below firstname.lastname@nmbu.no, your password. Choose “Show Advanced Options” and type nmbu\username under “User Name”, then “Sign In”. Then enter your devices phonenumber, then “Continue”. Set “Sync Contacts” to “On”, then continue. Next you will see the Start screen for Skype for Business, […]

Eduroam Android

Automatic setup for Android. Install “eduroam cat” published by Gèant on Play store. Select NMBU from the list (or search for NMBU) and install the profile. Fill in your username@nmbu.no and password. Manual setup for Android(not recommended). This guide applies to mobile units running on Android. The Example below is from a phone running Android […]