Sync syllabus from Timeedit to your own calendar

It is possible to sync your schedule with your private calender or smart phone.

  1. Go to TimeEdit and search for the classes you want in your calender.
  2. Optional: IF you wish to see events back in time, you may alter the start date.
  3. Press “subscribe” in top right corner.
  4. Choose you preferred time period.
  5. Copy the address.
  6. This address you may use to subscribe to the calender in any online service or in an calendar-program in PC/Mac/iOS. See the chart below for examples. We recommend google calender.
  7. Setting it upp in google Calendar: Log in to Google calendar with your gmail account.
  8. In the calendar list in the left pane click on the arrow next to “other calndars” and “add by URL” :
  9. Paste in the address you copied in nr 5 and press add calendar.
  10. You may switch name on this calender to better see it’s content. Arrow on the side of the calendar and select “calendar settings”:
  11. iPhone/iPad: You may have to go into synchronization setting to selct this new calender to show.