Søknadsweb is a web interface for registering applications to NMBU. The information collected is imported into Felles studentsystem.

Søknadsweb manages all local applications as:

  • International applications
  • Local master applications

Help: opptak@nmbu.no

9 thoughts on “Søknadsweb

    1. Lars Vemund Solerød Post author

      This is not a place to answer your offers. Please read your offer again to understand how to reply.

  1. Dennis

    I have applied to a school on Søknadsweb web platform, however i am unable to apply to a different school. Whenever I click new application it always redirect me to my previous school application with and even when i withdraw my previous application I am still unable to start a new application.
    Please assist.
    Thank you

      1. mas

        Regarding this problem, should you register as a new international applicant? Because even when you get the correct page for the new university, when you try to log in using your email and password, it says “could not log you on”. It still works for the initial university you applied to, but not for the new university. It just wouldn’t make sense to apply using different emails. Should I try “get a new password”? It’s just so frustrating.

  2. Rohith

    I have been trying to apply through the portal for International master. I’m not able to proceed as it shows that the deadline was 1st December 2016. I intend to apply for August 2018 courses whose admission deadlines are 1st December 2017.
    Thank You
    Rohith Nair

    1. Lars Vemund Solerød Post author

      The application process for next year has not yet opened. Please come back to try closer to the deadline. Further questions may be directed to admission@nmbu.no


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