Privacy statement (Use of personal information)

Personal information about employees and students are stored in registers and programs that are necessary for administering and teaching.

NMBU has legal authority stated in Norwegian law “personopplysningsloven” to obtain, store and use this information for education purposes.



The following registers are in use:

  • LDAP catalog (used for authentication)
  • AD (Microsoft Active Directory)
  • FS (studentsystem)
  • Paga (HR system)
  • Canvas (Learning management system)
  • Public360 (archive)
  • Agresso (ERP-system)
  • Bibsys (Library)
  • Building access system
  • Phonesystem
  • Printsystem
  • Request Tracker (customer management system)
  • Bas (Tentakkel, user administrative system)
  • System logs
  • Temporary local files

If you have concerns about the processing of you personal information please don’t hesitate to ask your IT contact.

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