Start by logging in to your NMBU mail through Outlook.                                                                        If you are using the OUTLOOK webversion, you can do the following: For those who use OUTLOOK directly on the PC, there will be another guide here.

When you log in to Outlook, the page will look something like this:

Once you’ve reached this page, touch the gear wheel in the right hand corner:

Furthermore, tap Options located at the bottom of the list that appear when you press the gear wheel:

Once you have pressed Options, you will be taken to this page:

On the left side of this page, you have a list of options. Here, tap Organize Email, which is number two in the list of options: The page that comes up will look like this:

Here, press the plus sign. Then you will get this menu, where you will then click where it says “Create a new rule for arriving messages …”:Then this box will appear:

The first line named name gives you the option to name your rule:

Line two named “* When the message arrives, and:”, will provide a variety of options as to what the rule should deal with, as shown below on the image. Then you can decide whether or not to include emails coming from a particular person, containing special words, etc.

Line tree named “Do the following:” will provide a variety of options as to what will happen to the email that contains the condition you put in line 2.

Then just press save and the new rule will then be used!