Distributionlists at NMBU

NB: While moving services to Office 365 we will make changes to the distributionlist-structure. Existing lists will be removed and re-created in Office 365. Central managed lists will be removed within the 1. of february 2021. Manual managed lists will be removed in agreement with current owners.

New structure for distributionlists from the 1. of February 2021:

Centrally managed distributionlistwill follow this naming convention: «Liste :: Fakultet :: Enhet :: Targetgroup». For instance:

Employees at KBM: «Liste :: KBM :: Ansatte»
Associated at VET/ PREPAT: «Liste :: VET :: PREPAT:: Assosierte»

Relevant information:
* UA will be structured as an faculty.
* Targetgroup will be either «Ansatte» or«Assosierte».
* There is not lists for associated for all levels in the organization.
* Only internal addresses can send email to these lists.
* Lists at faculty level are moderated. Email sent to those must be approved.

Manuelly managed distributionlists  will follow this naming convention:: «Liste Manuell :: Description» – where description is given when the list is requested.

If you have feedback on lists, please contact it@nmbu.no and use «Distributionlists» as subject.