What ‘s new – general and practical information

From New Year both NVH and UMB will be NMBU, which involves a number of changes.

First of all, please note that password must set for the new NMBU user before you can use any NMBU services. Learn how: set NMBU password

NMBU services – general information

All services for accounting and finances, HR-systems, archiving etc. are changed from NVH and UMB into NMBU systems. These services are available via a so-called “remote desktop”, ie you get a new “machine” on your screen with these services.

All employes at NMBU will have their PC “transformed” to ” NMBU PC” (NMBU Client image). However, this is a comprehensive work that takes time and must continue several months into 2014. Therefore – NMBU services available to everyone via Remote Desktop from 01/01/2014.


NMBU will have a new main number : 67 23 00 00

This number will be answered by a shared service center on both campuses .

Existing numbers and number ranges for NVH and UMB will be retained as long as we need them. There is no danger that phone numbers announced externally are discontinued.

In the longer term the “old” number series will be repealed, and replaced with numbers in the new number series ( 67230000-67232999 ).

Mail adresses

Mail address for NMBU:
P.O.Box 5003
NO-1432 ÅS

Mail adresses for the campuses (news papers, magazines, packages, etc.):

NMBU – Campus Adamstuen, department, name, P.o.box 8146 Dep., NO-0033 OSLO

NMBU – Campus ÅS, department, name, P.o.box 5003, NO-1432 ÅS


All users get new email addresses from the New Year. The new addresses are of the format:


The alias, “firstname.lastname”, is based on the existing alias. The person “Firstname Middlename Lastname” with the existing address “firstname.m.lastname@nvh.no” will automatically get the address “firstname.m.lastname@nmbu.no”.

The old email addresses will be continued for receiving email for some time, and owners will be noticed and asked for permission before deletion.

However, it will not be possible to send email from either nvh.no or umb.no.

Guidance on how to set up nmbu account in outlook is offered here.

Access cards

Access cards will basically function as before.

On Campus Adamstuen the access card system is a separate system that is not affected by the changes.

On Campus Ås the access cards connected to BAS (UAS – user administration system ), which  means that the card holders data in PAGA controls the rights on the card. This is just as it has been, but users should pay attention just around the transition.

“Regular computer use” – what happens …

NB! Nothing happens to your computer or your data before you are contacted by IT. Only email and access to administrative IT systems require the new NMBU account by New Year.

From the beginning of the New Year the IT-department will start the the work changing all PCs to “NMBU PC” ( NMBU client ). This is an extensive process that takes time due to practical reasons, and it will take a few months to get through it all.

NMBU services are made ​​available to everyone through remote desktop services (https://remoteoffice.nmbu.no ). NMBU services are of course available on NMBU-PCs.

The change to NMBU-PCs will be conducted in groups. Administration staff with need for collaboration across campuses has top priority. Furthermore, we prioritize users who still have Windows XP – the reason is Microsoft ends its support for Windows XP 8 April 2014, and therefore it is simply unsafe to use XP after that date. It thus means that anyone with XP have their PC converted to NMBU PC before April 2014.

Password and scope

All employees and students get new accounts on IT systems at NMBU. As a general principle, you only have one password for all systems.

What is special for UMB: Zone 2 password will disappear in NMBU. You will have only one password, and the term zones is discontinued

During the transition phase, UMB services remain active. Zone 1 and zone 2 passwords are still used on UMB systems as long as they are active. For UMB users the zone 1 password will be identical to the new NMBU password. Zone2 password remains unchanged (and will eventually disappear)

What is special for NVH: The new NMBU password is valid for the new NMBU services. The password for NVH services is not synchronized with the NMBU password (such as for UMB). This you will still have to use your NVH password for NVH services.