Information for new students at NMBU

Welcome to NMBU

In this article we have gathered some of the most important information for you as a new student.

Activate your NMBU account –

The first thing you will have to do as a student is to create your NMBU account. You do this by creating a password to your username. Go to

Having problems with this, you can try our guide here

We have made videos on some of the it solutions. 

The videos are only availible in norwegian: Link to youtube

StudWeb is where you sign up to courses, check your grades and se your educations plan.

Note that you should keep having your student email registered at StudWeb. This is because the student administration only will send information to this email.

Email: Students gets free email from NMBU. This is usually

To read your mail. please visit:

You can also set up your student email on your own computer. On how to do this, see this website

Canvas is the place where you will find everything your professors and teachers publish for your course.


At the Athene website you will find information on important dates, communities and more fun stuff. You will also find links to many other useful websites.

Students information service (SiT): Here you will find schedules, Canvas information, help for your studies and more.
Studentsamskipnaden i Ås are responsible for the pentagon and pomona student flats. They also administer most of the cafeterias on campus, aswell as the GG-Gym. You can read more her her.

Information on how to get internet at your student flat, you will find here.

Your home area at the computerlabs is called (Z:) Here you can store data that you will have access to at all computers at campus. Trough your student mail you also have access to Microsoft OneDrive where you can store files. These you can access anywhere you are.

The wireless network is called Eduroam. This is availible at campus. You can log on to the network as long as you have made a password to your username.


You can find more information on how to connect to eduroam here.


Printing at NMBU is easy for students. There are several printers at capus you can use.First you will have to synchronize your student card. More information on how to to this, you will find here.

Computer service are a service for students provided by NMBU. They can assist you with computer problems related to NMBU.

Office: 1. floor in Saghellinga Building, Ås. (See map here)


Phone: 67230555

Gloria Hippo and Facebook: IT department at NMBU have a facebook page, where you can ask questions and comment on articles:

From Ås station to NMBU

Other links:

Studentstyret NSO:


Uka i Ås:

Tuntreet studentavis: