Edit Employee profile

How to edit your profile page (kindly translated by Lena Margrethe Bakke):

1. Search for you name on nmbu.no (choose employees) and open your own profile page. The green field on top is the “business card” part and is automatically updated from Paga. Most employees will have to upload the profile photo yourself; otherwise, the field will be all green.


2. Choose “Edit my page”.

3. Log in using your regular username and password.

4. Choose “Edit my page” again to enter edit mode.

5. Tabs:

* The first tab is “About me” (‘Om meg’).

Here you may upload your profile photo (Under ‘Profilbilde’ click ‘Browse’) and write the “About me” text. If you choose to crop the photo (Use ‘Crop media’ after you have chosen your photo), click “Edit this style”, “Save Selection”, “Done Cropping” and save. Choose a photo where the motive, you, is centred. Most of the photos taken by photographer Gisle Bjørneby are already on the employee profiles. If anyone wants to change the photo, just remove the one that is there and upload another to the “library” (‘Bibliotek’).

* The second tab is “Links” (‘Lenker’).

Here you may list links to various pages.

* The third tab is “Work areas” (‘Arbeidsområder’).

Here you may use short keywords (maximum five), separated by commas, to list your work areas.

* The fourth tab is “Research” (‘Forskning’).

This is for academic employees only:

– The first choice is “Theme” (‘Tema’). It corresponds with the 21 theme words describing NMBU’s research and teaching. You may choose one to three theme words. In future searches your profile will then be linked to these theme words.

– The second choice is a field where you may specify your specialities (‘Spesialområder’) separated by commas.

– In the long list of research areas (‘Forskningsområder’) (source: RCN) you may choose maximum four.

* The fifth tab is “Publications” (‘Publikasjoner’). Here you will find a link to your publications in CRISTin, and it is possible to write/paste publications of your own choice. (Skip the Text format option)

* The sixth tab is “Teaching” (‘Undervisning’). This only applies for teachers: You may list the topics that you teach. (Skip the Text format option)

* The seventh tab is “More about me” (‘Mer om meg’). Here you may add anything not covered in the other tabs. (Skip the Text format option)

NB: Every time you click “Save” (‘Lagre’) you are sent back to the page that shows your employee profile. Here you may choose to log out or keep editing.

NB2: Fields that you choose to leave empty will be hidden from you profile.

NB3: The contents from previous employee profiles will not be transferred, but you may quite easily cut and paste from the old page. Please go tohttps://publish.umb.no/ansatt and log in using your regular username and password, and then you may cut and paste material to the new page.

NB4: We are experiencing a problem in the import of PhD-students from the employee system. We are working on it, please have some patience!

Feedback and errors may be reported to .

We hope you like the page. Good luck with the editing!


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