Email upgrade

Two-factor authentication

You need to configure two-factor authentication before you can set up email on your mobile. It will apply every 14 days on computers and mobile devices off-campus. It is recommended that you install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone.

Email via Outlook

Outlook is set to automatically find the mailbox after it is moved. There will then be a message about change in Outlook. This only appears once. When you receive this message, click OK. Then close Outlook and restart it.


Webmail (Outlook online) is now available from along with the other apps in Office 365.

Email on mobile devices

Mobile devices managed by NMBU will have email pre-installed. You log in as normal with your email address.

On other mobile devices used not managed by NMBU IT, you will need to remove the e-mail connection and then add it again.

Use the Outlook app that you download from PlayStore / AppStore.