VPN on Ubuntu

This documentation is written for Ubuntu 18.10 and this functionality may look different in other Ubuntu versions.

As part of the IT-department work to improve both user experience and security, we have prepared a new VPN solution. You can find the new solution here: https://na.nmbu.no. It requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus.

The first time you start the resource “VPN-Student”, you need to install a small VPN client application. Select “More options”, then select “Install” and follow the steps as shown in the pictures below:

After installing the client and opening “Launch Application”, select “Open link”.

On the next picture that comes up the first time you try to connectselect the first choice: “Always allow VPN connection from this site.”

You will see that the client is connected and you will also find a status window that looks like this:

The next time you need to connect through VPN, just go to https://na.nmbu.no in your favorite browser.