VPN on iPad/ iPhone

This documentation is written for iOS 13.3 and this functionality may look different in other iOS versions. The new VPN solution requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus.

1: Install the “F5 Access” app from App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/f5-access/id1354638393 

2: Select “Configure server” on the picture that appears the first time you open the app, and fill out the window that appears as shown in the image below:

3: After configuring and entering the code to your phone, check off the “Connect” button.

4: You will now be forwarded to two factor authentication, here you enter username@nmbu.no as username and your NMBU password.

The next time you need to connect through VPN, just open the “F5 Access” app and choose “Connect”.