VPN for Ubuntu

Here is a short guide on how to connect to VPN through NMBU. Start by choosing “configure VPN” from the list of networks.

Click “Add” as in the image shown below.

Choose “Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol” and press create.

Fill in the information as shown in the image below: Enter vpn.nmbu.no as the gateway, write inn your username and password at NMBU.
Screenshot 3

Choose “Advanced”. Then the image below will show up. Mark the option to “Use Point-to-Point encryption”, make sure that “MSCHAP” is also turned off. Press the “OK” and save in the next window that pops up.
Screenshot 4

To connect to the VPN go to “VPN Connections” from the networksmenu and click on “VPN NMBU”

Note! VPN should only be used when there is a need for it. It can be unfortunate to route your private network traffick through the schools servers.