VPN for Mac

As part of the IT-department work to improve both user experience and security, we have prepared a new VPN solution. You can find the new solution here: https://na.nmbu.no. It requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus.

The first time you try to start the resource “VPN-Student”, you need to install a small VPN client application. You will be prompted by the following images:

Press on “Start” and then run the executable file that was downloaded. Be aware that the installer is completely silent and will not give any feedback when it is finished.

On the next picture that comes up the first time you try to connect, select the first option: “Always allow VPN connection from this site.”

You will see that the client is connected and you will also find a status window that looks like this:

The next time you need to connect through VPN, just go to https://na.nmbu.no in your favorite browser.