Use of Bcc in e-mail

If you are going to send e-mail to many recipients, then for privacy and security reasons it is recommended that you put the recipient in the “Blind Carbon Copy” field (Bcc). When you use the Bcc field, the other addressees will not be visible. All recipients that you add to “to” or “Cc” (copy) will be visible to anyone who receives the email.

Benefits of using Bcc

  • Privacy. Recipients of the email will not be able to see others who have received the same email. When forwarding e-mail, the e-mail addresses in the bcc field are not forwarded.
  • If someone uses “Reply to all”, the e-mail will not be sent to recipients who are in Bcc.

How to use Bcc in Outlook

  1. In Outlook, select New Email.
  2. Select options and «Bcc».
  3. In the Bcc field, enter individual recipients, or distribution lists.