Printing with the student card for the first time

How to synchronize your student card with your print-account:

1. Go to and log in with your username and password.


2. When you have logged in, choose “setup”


3. Choose “codes” and then “Generate new PUK”


4. Write down the PUK code and take it to a printer nearby.


5. Swipe your card on the printers card detector. The printer will try to log you in. Because this is the first time you do this, you will have to put in the PUK code in order to synchronize your student card.

6. After the PUK, you will be asked to put in a PIN number. This is just 1234.

Your card and account is now synchronized, and you only have to swipe your card at a printer in order to pull a print.

Note that if you loose your card or have to get a new one, your print credits will not be lost. Though you will have to synchronize your card again.


Synchronizing trough log in:

1. Go to a printer and swipe your student card.

2. The first time you do this, the printer will say “unknown user” and ask for a PUK-code. Ignore this and press cancel.

3. You will now get the opportunity to log in. Do so with your regular username and password.

Your student card are now synchronized and you will only have to swipe it on a printer next time you have to print.