Spam in Outlook

As emails come in, our spam-filter will determine whether the email is legitimate or not. All messages marked as spam will appear in your Junk Email folder with title “SPAM DETECTED».


Junk settings

Right-clicking on any message allow you to decide which messages are junk.

Block Sender

This will block the email address and move the email into spam folder.

Never Block Sender.

This option will whitelist the email address and future emails into user’s inbox rather than their Junk Folder.

Never Block Sender’s Domain

This will whitelist any emails received from an email domain. Any future emails from that domain will be added to the inbox rather than going to the Junk Folder.

Not Junk

This option will whitelist the individual email. It is possible for a similar email to still get marked as spam.

Junk Email Options

This allows you to change the some settings for Junk Email policy.