Set or change your password at NMBU

Where do I start?
Go to and you will be taken to the application where you can set or change your password for NMBU. Please note: it may take 10 minutes before your password is activated!

Switch language
At the top right there is a link or flag that will change the language. You can choose between Norwegian or English.

How to log in so you can change your password
You have 3 alternatives:

Alternative 1: NMBU username and password

Use your old password to login with the fields to the left.

Alternative 2: PIN-kode from studweb

Fill in your norwegian-ID and PIN-kode from studweb to the right:

Alternative 3: One-time password to a registered mobile phone

Write your Norwegian-ID in the field in down-right corner and press “Send me”onetimepassword


At the next page, type your one-time password and press “Log in”.

If none of the alternatives work, come by Computer Service at Saghellinga Building for further assistance.

Change password after login

The next page looks like this:

Press the button “Password” to change it, follow the instructions.

Rules for the password

For security reasons there are requirements for length and content of the password. The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 5 different characters. It also must meet at least three of the following four requirements:

  • It must contain small letters.
  • It must contain capital letters.
  • It must contain numbers.
  • It must contain special characters.

For reasons of external services should avoid Norwegian characters (æøå) and special characters used in programming. Click to read more about passwords at NMBU.

When you’ve got a green message that the password was set correctly, you can log out.