Set default proofing language in Outlook 2010

If you experience that the spell checker in Outlook uses wrong language, you can fix this by either changing the language, or simply turn off the running spell check:

1. Change spell check language

Open the File menu and select “Options”:

Choose «Language» in the Options dialog box:

Find the «Choose Editing Languages» section and choose the language you prefer. Press the «Set as default»-button:

Then press OK and you are done.

2. Slå av stavekontrollen

Enter the Options dialog box by following the procedure above. Chose «Mail» (in stead of  «Language»:

Trykk på knappen «Spelling og Autocorrect…»:

Choose «Proofing» in the menu and find the «When correcting spelling in Outlook»-section, and deselect the “Check spelling as you type”:

Push OK and you are done.