Scheduling a meeting and book a room in Outlook (Employees)

It is easy to schedule a meeting and book a room in Outlook.

1. Open calendar and choose “New Appointment”


2. Chose a subject for the meeting at the chosen time.


3. Click “Scheduling Assistant”, and you will be able to choose participants and room.
4. Click “Add Room” at the bottom left in order to choose a room.

Add rooms

You will also be able to see if the room is avilable or not (see the bottom of this document to see how to do this).

You can find persons to add from your address book, or just type their name in field marked as red in photo below:

Add attendees

When you have finished, click “send”.

You will receive an automated message confirming your booking.

If you need to make any changes to your meeting afterwards, double-click on the entry in you personal calendar – edit what you need – click “Send Update”



To view room availability:

1. Go into the calendar view in Outlook

2. Choose “Appointment” in the ribbon and click on “From room list” as shown in the image below.

Guide til rombooking 1

3. Now a window will appear where you can find and search for rooms that you want to see availability for. Notice that you can choose several rooms at a time. When you’ve found the rooms you want to see you can just click on them and see them appear below before clicking on “OK”

Guide til rombooking 2

4. You can now see in the ribbon to the left that you can choose to view the rooms you’ve selected before and selecting them will make them appear next to your schedule. Notice that when viewing availability for rooms it is recommended to switch your calendar to view weeks or days for a better viewing experience.

Guide til rombooking 3