Remote office windows

A new feature in the remote is that you now can choose to run a specific program instead of a full virtual machine through the connection. Look further below to see how this is done.

Before you can use Remote Office, you have to set a NMBU password.
Open a web browser (IE, Firefox etc.), and go to this address:
Log in using nmbu\username og NMBU-password:remote-office nettside

After you have logged in, you will see a shortcut to the server “Office-R2”. Press it to download the shortcut.(If you want to run a specific program that you can see listed through remote office then you can instead download on of those shortcuts use that instead)
Remote desktop andre programmer

You will probably get a warning, as shown here:

Press “Connect”, and you will be connected to the server:remote-office-startskjerm

Click the tile “Desktop” to see the “normal” desktop. To start a program, click on the program tile(ex. Outlook to read e-mail).


You will have access to all the normal Microsoft Office programs like Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In addition, there is a shortcut to Agresso-web.

Remember to sign out when you are done. Go to “Start”, and choose “Logoff”: remote-office-logoff