Remote Desktop Mac for Students (Connect to Homearea)

This guide is made for Mac OS X.

This guide will show you how to connect to your home area at NMBU. By doing this you will get access to your files from your own computer and you can use all the resources available. This is also called remote desktop.

NB: When you connect with remote desktop with a Mac to a Windows OS your keyboard will behave as if it was a keyboard with a windows layout. The cmd-key will act as the windows-key.


First step is to download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple App store.


1. Open your app store and search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop”. Download and install the software. (Click the green “Free” button)


2. Open the program and choose «remote resources»



3. Write this link in the URL field:

Next type NMBU\username, your NMBU password and press “refresh”. (To get the backward slash use Alt + shift + 7 on a norwegian keyboard layout.)

4. Close the window.


5. Click the new «Office-Student» link.

You will now connect to a Windows desktop just as if you where sitting at a school computer on campus.