Remote Desktop for Linux (Ubuntu)

This guide will show you how to connect to your homearea through NMBUs servers when your on your own computer. A so called remote desktop connection and in this case through Linux (Ubuntu).In Ubuntu there is a default program for this called “Remmina”, but if you cant find it you can always install it through the Software Center in Linux.

Notice that this remote connection will only work if your an employee and when you are on campus through either a wifi or wired internet connection.

1. Search for Remmina and open the program.

Remmina 1

2. Click on the button to create a remote desktop file.

Remmina 2


3. In the window that now opens write in as shown below and in the example:

  • Protocol: RDP (Remote desktop protocol)
  • Server:
  • Username: nmbu\yourUsername

Remmina 3


4. Go to the advanced tab and change the security option to “RDP”

Remmina 4


5. Now you can save your setup to enable you to easily start your connection again or press connect to connect immediately

Remmina 5