You can print from the student printers around campus using your student card. In order to do this you will have to synchronize your student card with your print account. As a new student you will automatically be given some credits for printing. You can fill up your print account with the amount you would like to spend.

Printers on Ås and Adamstuen: Be sure to choose the printer named “PullPrint on print-safe01

If these printers don’t show up on the computers at school you can add them manually by searching for the keywords: “student” or “employee” in the add printer option.


To administer your print account, please follow this link:

This guide will show you how to fill credits on your print account

This guide will show you how to synchronize your student card for printing: Synchronize student card

If you are having problems with the printing systems or have lost credits, please fill out the form in the link: Printing problems.

It is also possible to print from your own computer or any other computer not in a computer lab. You can read more about this, here.

Price list (kr)