To be able to print, you will first need to synchronize your id card with the printer system. There are two ways on how to to this. Below you will find guides on how to do it.

Scroll down to find a second guide on synchronizing your id-card.

If you have replaced an old card you have to synchronize the new one, but first you have to delete the old registration, there is a short guide at the bottom of this page.

Synchronizing with PUK-code

1. Go to and log in with you username and password.


2. Go to “setup” and then choose “codes”


3. Choose “Generate new PUK” and write down the PUK-code.


4. Take the code with you and move to a printer. Put you id card on the printer and it should ask for your PUK. Type in your PUK and press “ok / next”

5. When the printer asks for PIN, type: “1234” and press “ok / next” twice.

Your id-card is not synchronized, and you only have to swipe it at the printer in order to pull a print.

Synchronizing by logging in with username and password

1. Go to a printer and put your id card on the detector. When the printer asks for PUK code, push cancel to bypass this step. Do not enter any code.

2. The printer will now ask you to log in. Log in with your username and password.

3. When you have logged in, you will see your printer jobs. Choose log out.

You will now be able to pull prints with just swiping your card.

Deleting an old registration:

1. Go to and log in with you username and password.

2. Click on “Setup”, you can here see you current registration, to delete this press the red “x” you see after your card. Your are now able to synchronize.