Print to PullPrint from Linux and Mac

This tutorial describes how to print to PullPrint on a Linux or Mac.

First you need the correct printerdriver on Your machine.

If you allready have the right driver installed you can continue to “Open the site”

Activate CUPS via Terminal:

Open the Terminal application. If you are on a Mac you write ‘cupsctl WebInterface=yes’ and hit enter. If you are using Linux you write ‘sudo apt-get install cups’.

Install printerdriver on computer.

Recomended driver:

Ricoh MP C550* or MP C600* with finisher SR 3170

Installing the right driver is important.

Open the site:

Logg on with NMBU username and password. This is the connection to the right printaccount and ID-card.


Choose the tab “Driver Print”


  • Click the logo for your operating system.
  • Click “Advanced” and press “Continue”
  • Click “pullprint-c”
  • You will now get instrucktions on installing a direct NMBU-pullprint printer.