Previous versions of files on your Home Drive


This guide shows you how to get a hold of older versions of files or folders you may have deleted from NMBUs homearea. Notice that backups of the homeareas are done 3 times a day which may result in some instances where files have not been backed up yet to their most recent version.

1. The first step is to open your file Explorer from a NMBU computer and access your Home Drive.

Previous versions1


2. The second step is to right-click on the file folder (if it is a file you have deleted) or file (if you want older versions of the file) and choose “Properties”

Previous versions2


3. Now a pop-up window will show you previous versions of the file/folder. Choose the backup date you want to get and click on “Copy” (“Copy” is the safest choice in case you make a mistake in the process)


Previous versions3


4. The final step is to choose a folder to save a copy of the file/folder. Do this and click on “Copy” to finish the process of copying of previous versions.

Previous versions4