NMBU Portal

What is portal.nmbu.no?

Portal is a collection of IT services at NMBU and enables improvements such as

  • Simplified login processes, one login for multiple-services
  • Safer logon with two-factor authentication and access logging.
  • Simplified user experience

The intention of the IT department is that all services that can be collected in a good way in the portal are primarily delivered in this way.

What services can I access through the portal?

  • Remote Desktop services previously provided via “RemoteOffice” / “HomeOffice”. (read more about Home Office)
  • Intranet
  • Agresso
  • Library recourses
  • Microsoft Office
  • Other selected professional applications

If you are on campus with a device managed by the IT department, you only need a user name and password to access all services you are registered as a user of.

How do I log in?

Go to https://portal.nmbu.no and log in with your NMBU identity. Follow the instructions and you will get a list of available services. The portal is available anywhere, if you are connected to the internet.

Secure login

NMBU implements Secure Login (two-factor authentication) on portal.nmbu.no. This means that you get one-time code (OTP) via SMS or app when you log on to the Portal. The exception is NMBU controlled PCs on campus networks. These PCs will not be required for one-time log-on.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a safer way to log in where the user must confirm their identity twice, usually first with user name and password and then using a device such as cell phone or code chip. For NMBU’s part, the authentication will take place by user name and password, then one-time code on SMS or app. Read more about 2FA.

Secure logon with SMS:

Have you given consent?

If you have not already consented to us using your mobile number in conjunction with two factor authentications, please log in to brukerdata.nmbu.no. Under the tab “Secure Login” you can see which mobile number NMBU has stored on you and can choose which one to use. If you do not consent, you will not be able to log on to portal.nmbu.no outside the NMBU network

When private and / or job mobile numbers are not in NMBU’s systems.

The number must be entered in UBW / Agresso or FS before you can use it to receive one-time code on SMS. It will take some time from entering the mobile number in UBW / Agresso or FS before it becomes available on brukerdata.nmbu.no.

Student Guide (FS)
Guide for employees (UBW / Agresso)

Secure login with app:

Log in to brukerdata.nmbu.no from a PC, under the tab “Safe login” you will see a QR code. Download the “Microsoft Authenticator” app from the App Store or Play Store to your mobile phone. Start the app and select “add account”, scan the QR code and the app will then add an account that generates one-time code for use during secure login.