Old files and folders (UMB/NVH)

There is still possible to see old files and folders from the UMB/NVH network. There is no possibility to save any more data here or make changes. Here follows a guide on how to connect to your old files.

1. Open a new explorer window.


2. Type in the patch to the folder location in the address field. The example below shows the path to an old student folder.


The path for the old student home folder:

\\nmbu.no\archive\student\home\»ditt brukernavn»

You can type in other file paths to access other old folders

Former S (NVH):


Former K (UMB):


Former M (for IMT students):


Former L (for ILP students):


Former I:


Former J (for enkelte datasaler):

\\nmbu.no\archive\student\umb\saler\»navnet på datasalen»

NB: Folders that requires special access is not open for everyone. This will be opened upon request.