Office 365

We will use Office 365 from Microsoft, including Outlook email-tool. Applications such as Word and Excel will be available to everyone as a online service. A larger storage space on OneDrive will also be awarded to all.

You can also download Office 365 to your own computer.

An advantage of this solution is such that it is easier to work with documents in projects and groups as the files may be made available for editing on the web for other people.

You can also take notes in lectures that will be saved and synchronized automatically on the web and on other devices you want.

Log in: Click on “OneDrive”

Some of the new features:

  • In Word, you can now open and edit the contents of PDF files.(To change a pdf for example the cover of your masters it is now as simple as opening the file in word or dragging it over to your open word program on your computer. This will start a conversion from pdf to the word(.doc) file format. This will make it possible to change the text in the file while it is in the word file format)
  • In Excel there are many new features in the categories of math and trigonometry , statistics, engineering , date and time, lookup and reference , logic and text features.
  • OneNote has gotten better support for touch screens , you can also attache almost any type of computer files to your notes , and a copy is stored in the notepad.
  • In PowerPoint, you receive function Scientific Steering where you can see your notes and the elapsed time since start, while the audience only sees the slide. PowerPoint now supports multiple multimedia formats, such as .Mp4 and .Mov with H.264 video and AAC audio.

Log in: with and nmbu-password.

Click “Install Office 365”


You will also be able to manage to which computers Office can be installed.
Download Office by clicking “Install”.
NB. Remember to choose the correct version and language.
Run the downloaded package and follow the installation instructions.

In order to activate the software, you must log on using: 
and your nmbu-password