Office 365: Change of login method

Thursday, February 21, the Office 365 login ID will be changed. This applies only to Office 365 and not other services such as Feide.

So far, login has been From now on, your full email address will be used:

This means that logging in to Office 365 will only work with email address and NOT

Devices and applications set up with Office 365 services on PC, tablet, mobile phone must be logged out and logged in:

  • Any account in the “Authenticator” app must be re-entered if you want to use the “Approve” option without having to enter the code.
  • If you have previously shared a OneDrive document, the old sharing link will no longer work. You will therefore need to reshare the document if the recipient needs access to read the document.
  • Delete any stored usernames and passwords in browsers and etc.