New certificate for eduroam


Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we switched to a new certificate (security mechanism) used for eduroam login.

If you have the old certificate installed in your eduroam profile on your device, you can experience difficulties logging on eduroam.

The solution for most people will be to download the eduroam profile again. Remember that the login username is after your username,

Download eduroam profile here.

NMBU PCs will not experience problems around the change of certificate.

For MAC users who download eduroam profile via the guest internet NMBU-guest, you are advised to delete NMBU-guest profile after use to prevent the MAC from automatically logging on NMBU-guest.

Guide to delete NMBU-guest profile can be found at the end of this guide.

NBMU-guest does not have the same bandwidth or the same permissions as eduroam, it is recommended that all students and staff use eduroam.

Tutorials for eduroam can be found here.

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