Move and backup email

Follow this guide to copy e-mails from the UMB-account in Outlook. If you haven’t already imported the UMB emails into Outlook, you have to do it first. You can copy folders and individual e-mails.

Alternative 1: Copy folders

1. Right-click on your NMBU accout name and choose New Folder. Give the folder a name different from the ones that are already there, for example “old inbox”.



2. Find the folder you want to copy under UMB emails. Right-click on this and choose Copy.


3. In the next dialog box, choose the folder you created in step 1. Click OK.


Alternative 2: Copy individual e-mails 

1. Select the e-mail you want to copy by clicking on it. Hold the SHIFT-key down to select multiple e-mails.

2. Right-click on the marked area and choose Copy.

3. Select the destination folder under the NMBU-account (create new folder if necessary). Use the CTRL + V key combination to place the e-mails.