MATLAB for students

This is a guide for students who want to install Matlab on a personal computer. You do not need special permisson from your teacher to install the program, but you do need to show up personally at the Computer Service to get yourself a license code. The installation file you download yourself from Matlabs homepage when you register as a user with your license

When you have recieved your licens code you can follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Make a MathWorks account. 

To make a MathWorks account you can go to this page . Here it is important to register your NMBU-email, and your account has to be set up for “Academic Use”

step 1


STEP 2: Add the student licens code to your account

Before the the program can be activated you have to add your studentlicense to your MathWorks account. To do this you will have to use the “Activation Key” in the License Center. On your accounts mainpage you can click on “Manage Licenses” and therafter “Add License”


In the dialog box you choose “Activation Key” and click “Continue”step3

Now you will have to put in your license you have recieved through the Computer Service.




STEP 3: How to install the program

On the License page you can click on “Download Products”. Follow the instructions in each dialogbox during the installation.

Then start the MathWorks Installer by double clicking the installation file. Then enter your “Math Works” account:




Choose lisence and click on “Next” and follow the installation guide onwards.

STEP 4: Activation of the software

In the “MathWorks Software Activation” dialogbox click “Next”. And complete the activation by clicking “Finish”.

If you have any questions about the installation get in touch with the Computer Service.