Matlab for Employees

To get access to Matlab you have to contact the it-manager in your department. You will then receive a mail with a link you have to follow. It will take you to a page where you log in with and a received password that is in the previous mentioned mail. You then have to register some information.

1. When done with the registration you will see your profile page. Hit “View My Licenses”

01View License

2. Choose your license.


3. Hit “Activation and Installation”, then “Activate”


4. Choose your OS, that should be Windows. After “Host ID” enter your mac address. To find your mac address start the program “cmd” and enter “getmac“, see picture below, you will see one more addresses (“Physical Address”) that you can use to register. After “Activation Label” enter a name, example “My NMBU PC”. Then hit “Continue”04Activate02cmd02

5. Choose “Download” and hit “Continue”


6. Choose “Download License File” and save it at c:\temp. You might have to create a folder in your C:\ destination which you name “temp”. Then hit “Done”

06Download License

7. You can now start the Matlab installation from Application Catalog.