Mail Outlook – Students

Guide for setting up Outlook for students

(Note! You can get Outlook on your own computer by following the Office365 guide on the bottom of this page)


The first time you open Outlook you will be asked a question if you want Outlook to set up an email account for you. Choose that you want to do this. And that you want to put it in manually.
Outlook oppsett 1

Choose to add an IMAP account.
Outlook oppsett 2

Add in your information in the next pop up as it shows in the screenshot, just remember to change the name, username and password to your own.
Outlook oppsett 3

Click on more settings

And fill in the information in the 3 next screenshots into the 3 different tabs in the pop up.

Outlook oppsett 5

Outlook oppsett 6

mail outlook port 587

Then after pressing OK, Outlook sholud do some tests and you should be connected to your nmbu mail through Outlook.