Login outlook remoteoffice

We have received some feedback that some have login problems in Remote Office.
We work diligently to find the cause.
Some of these cases have been resolved by deleting the Outlook profile in Remote Office.
To make this as simple as possible, we have created a script that will do this for you.

Proceed as follows:

– Login to the Remote Office.
– In RemoteOffice, go back to this page. (https://support.nmbu.no/it-documentation/login-outlook-remoteoffice)
Download and run this file.
– Answer “Yes” when prompted to delete the profile.
– Outlook will then start and add your NMBU profile.

If this does not work.
In Remote Office:

– Go to “Control Panel” -> “Mail (32-bit)”.
– Click on “Show Profiles”.
– Delete the profiles located under “General”, by selecting the profile and clicking “Remove”.
– Click “Add” and enter your username. Press “OK”.
– The Outlook wizard will now start.
– Make sure that Outlook has the correct profile settings, and press “Next” then “Finish”.

If there are other accounts that have been deleted, these can be added. See Guide

Please give us your feedback on whether this solved your problem.