License error – not allowing editing on a Mac

Every now and then some Mac users have trouble editing Office documents on their computer. The solution is to remove local files and passwords used by Office.

Follow the procedure below to reactivate Office with the correct license.

  • Close any open Office applications.
  • Open the app Keychain Access, which can be found in the Utilities folder in Applications
  • Search for Microsoft and delete any stored password, then repeat the search for Office and delete any results here as well. Lastly, search for Adal and delete any results.
  • Open Finder and click Go from the menu bar, then select Go to folder… and enter
    ~/library/Group Containers

Find and delete the following folders (if any of them are missing you don’t need to do anyhting)

Find and delete folders beginning with «».

  • After this you need to sign back in to the Office applications ( and password). If the problem persists, try repeating the above method, then remove all the Office applications, reboot you computer and lastly reinstall Office.