Internet at SiÅs appartments

To get access to internet from your SiÅs appartment, you will have to register your computer or routers mac-adress.

NB: Everyone who uses internet from NMBU have to use updated antivirus protection. NMBU recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. You can read more about this here.

There is only possible to register one device per SiÅs flat. This also applies to family and couples appartments. Would you like to have several devices online, you will have to buy a router and register this device instead.

Go to, to get to the log in page for registration. Note that if you make a mistake in your registration, you will have have to start over. The “back” arrow does not work on this page. Also note that once registered, it will take around 20-30 minutes for it to connect. If this still does not work, try unplugging and reconnecting your unit from the network before doing the registration again.

Below you will find a list on how to find your mac-adress one different operating systems.

Windows 8.1

Mac OS X


There are many different routers avaliable, so we cannot make a detailed guide for every one, instead we will try to cover most routers by making a general guide.

On most units the solution will be to “add one” to the MAC-adress printet under the unit, i.e. “01-23-45-67-89-ab”  would work if registered as “01-23-45-67-89-ac”. The reason for this is that the adress printed on the unit most often is the adress for the local area network (LAN), not the wide area network (WAN). If this does not work after about 20 minutes, please consider the steps below.

Connect your computer to the router (cable or wifi, any is fine). Locate the URL or IP-adress on the unit, usually or and enter this into your browser. This will differ from unit to unit, but the adress usually looks like one of the above. You will need a username and password, also normally printed by the adress on the router. Usually this will be along the lines of “administrator” and “password”.

On some units you will have to choose either advanced or easy setup, this guide is written with advanced setup in mind.

When you get to the control panel you will find the information under “Internet settings”, “WAN settings” or similar. Some units will give you the choice to use the standard adress, clone your computers adress or use a user specified adress. We recommend using the default adress. On some, like netgear units, the adress used when you choose to use the default adress in written in the field next to the choice for user defined adress.

You can now use this adress to register your unit with SiÅs and you will usually have internet access within 20 minutes. If you need help finding the correct MAC-adress or if it’s still not working you can come by the computer service and we will help you get online. Don’t forget the router and the power supply!