Internet at SiÅs apartments

(Only for Campus Ås)

Autumn of 2020, a new network solution will be established at SiÅs. More information about the new network solution is written below.

Your apartmentis equipped with both wireless and wired internet connection through a local network device.

Network portal Mino (Launched in August)

You can make changes and report errors on your network connection by going to UniAlltid, selecting “Your housing” and pressing “More options”. There you will find a button called “Internet” which will send you to the Mino network portal.

Wireless network (WiFi)


The “Eduroam” wireless network is available in all apartments at SiÅs. Users at NMBU (and other educational and research institutions) can connect to this wireless network. See how you connect to eduroam here.

Personal wireless network

It is also possible to have a personal wireless network in your apartment. To enable and set up this, access the Mino network portal through UniAlltid, as described above.

Wired network

You can also connect to the Internet by connecting a network cable to one of the network ports onthe bottom of the network device.

In case of any problems please contact SiÅs.